Wash and Wheels 

Wash, wax, dry and wheel treatment

£5 for a small car
£7 for a 4x4

Mini valet 

Wash and dry wheel treatment, higher shine, full vacuumed doors inside and out

£10 for a car
£15 for a 7 seaters or 4x4’s

Exterior Valet

Wash, wax, dry, high treatment, higher shine, hand polish seats and windows

£15 for a small car
£20 for 7 seaters or 4x4’s

Interior Valet 

Upholstery seamless and cleaning door inside and out

£25 for a car
£30 for 7 seaters and 4x4’s

Full Valet

Wash, wax finish, polish, wheel treatment, tyre shine and interior valet windows inside and out

£45 for a car
£50 for 7 seaters or 4 x 4’s

Half Valet 

Exterior valet and mini valet

£25 for a car
£35 7 seaters and 4x4’s 

Engine clean

Degreased high pressure wash and shine from £10

Exterior buffing 

Top quality buffing hand polished plastics wheel treatment tyre shine windows inside and out from £60

Diamond Bright

Wash and wax, dry, full ultra-diamond polish, plastics indoors and out and wheel treatment and tyre shine from £40

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